Bitcoin ASIC Hosting

Bitcoin ASIC Hosting operates out of Seattle Washington and offers co-location hosting for bitcoin mining hardware. They provide an all-inclusive service to clients with month-to-month, 3, and 6 month contracts. Miners operate on a preferential server on a major pool, and their user account system will allow clients to track performance and payouts of their units.

Hosting Options

Example Pricing:

Unit Type Price
AntMiner S2 $250.00/month
Dragon Miner 1TH $285.00/month
BFL SIngle SC $68.98 /month
BFL Mini-Rig $739.11/month
BFL Monarch $86.23/month
Bitfury (400GH) $93.61/month
Coincraft Desk 200 $92.38/month
Coincraft Desk 1000 $461.95/month
Coincraft Rig 500 $123.19/month
Coincraft Rig 1000 $450/month
Cointerra Terra II $147.82/month
Coint Terra IV $450/month
Hashfast Babyjet $64.05/month
Hashfast Sierra $300/month
KNC Miner Mercury $39.42/month
KNC Miner Saturn $78.83/month
KNC Miner Jupiter $157.67/month
KNC Miner Neptune $500.00/month
VMC Gold $24.64/month
VMC Platinum $49.27/month
VMC Platinum 6 $344.92/month
BFL Mini-Single $34.95/month

*They host all ASIC models, if it is not on this above list, please contact them for a custom quote.
*Prices are subject to change, please contact them to confirm the current rate.
*Above prices reflect the 15% pre-paid hosting discount


Attribute Description
Location Seattle, Washington
Sell Hardware No
Contract Length 12 Month
Insurance Yes
Setup Fee Yes
Customer Support Email
Payment Forms Bitcoin, Direct Bank Deposit, Bank Wire Transfe( Intl. Only)
Other Pre-paid Discount


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Visit Bitcoin ASIC Hosting Website

Phone: +1 (206) 651-5186

1122 E Pike Street #1046
Seattle, WA 98122
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